Successful completion of CNG station for the Slovenian partner

According to the order of the Slovenian partner, NRG trgovina in zastopanje, d.o.o., the assembly of the compressed natural gas station was completed and on February 22 2021. transported from the production hall of Macel plin d.o.o. on the final location in Ljubljana, Letališka cesta to installation by the end user Energetika Ljubljana d.o.o.

The delivered compressed natural gas station was the first produced by Macel plin d.o.o. with a assembly certificate – CE mark of the product issued by the Notified Body, which improved the production of compressed natural gas stations at the company level to a new, higher level oriented to the European market, using European norms and standards of production.

Investor: NRG trgovina in zastopanje d.o.o., Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Subject of the Contract: Equipment of CNG plant by Letaliska cesta

Introduction to work: 16.12.2020.

Planned commissioning: spring 2021.

Project location: Letališka cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Capacity: The estimated capacity of the CNG station is 1300 Nm3 / h of gas, with an inlet pressure of 16 bar g.

The CNG station contains from electrical control room, an inlet pipeline connected to the local gas system, a compressor skid with associated equipment, a gas dryer and a compressed gas storage room with 25 cylinders at working pressure of 275 bar.

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