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Compressor for transfering natural gas (KPPP)

The compressor unit transfers natural gas from a gas pipeline, preventing its release into the atmosphere during maintenance, repairs, or construction work. Instead, it redirects the gas into the same pipeline or a neighboring one, thus safeguarding the environment. This fully integrated system is mounted on a heavy-duty steel skid, affixed to a semi-trailer, and designed for convenient plug-and-play installation.

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Measuring and reducing station (MRS)

We have deep expertise in designing, production and supply of MRS to meet specific user requirements. The measuring and reducing station is used for the transport and distribution of natural gas. The equipment of the metering and reduction station performs the reduction of the natural gas pressure to the pressure of the distribution gas network or some other pressure required for consumers directly connected to the gas pipeline system by measuring the delivered gas quantities.

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CNG solutions

Design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of compressed natural gas filling stations, on a turn-key basis, which are used to drive motor vehicles as an alternative fuel. Compressed natural gas filling stations are solutions that offer the best compromise between environmental characteristics, availability of energy resources and technological development.

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Natural gas analysis solutions

We offer complete, integrated solutions for sampling of natural gas and fluids and their processing for commercial and technological purposes.We design, supply, install and maintain analyzers: Aurora, Oxy.lq, and Amatek and chromatographs: ABB, ENCAL 3000.

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Works on the gas pipeline without interruption of supply

Works on the gas pipeline without interruption of supply are performed using the ballooning process. Ballooning is a procedure that prevents the flow of gas in a section of the pipeline by using balloons.

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Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC) With Semi-trailer

MEGCs are commonly used for high pressure (typically 200÷300 bar) gas transport and distribution in large quantities; depending on the gas transported, the type of distribution and organizational requirements several solutions are possible. Macel plin d.o.o. is the first Croatian company which offered such kind of solution on the regional & global market.

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