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Does CNG station still have The Future?

Natural gas

If you’ve been following industry reports over the last few months, you may have seen predictions of a decline in compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure. Despite sales of heavy-duty natural gas trucks increasing over the past year, it’s been reported that fueling infrastructure has continued to decrease. On a year-over-year basis, the number of planned […]

The use of natural gas (LNG) as a vehicle fuel


1. STATE OF THE INDUSTRY There are currently just under 100 LNG filling stations in Europe, several hundred in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) and more than 1,500 in China. World car manufacturers are serially producing trucks designed to use LNG as fuel. Leaders in this field are: Iveco (Italy), Scania (Sweden), Shacman (China). The […]

What should you know about natural gas?

Natural gas is one of the most widespread and demanded primary energy carriers on the planet Earth. According to the forecast of the International Energy Agency, the consumption of natural gas in the world could grow to 4 trillion cubic meters by 2022. This energy carrier, unique in its ecological and economic properties, is effectively […]

Grand opening of the first self-service CNG filling station in Croatia

October 26, 2021: The first self-service filling station for compressed natural gas was officially opened in Croatia. The value of the investment is HRK 3,700,000 without VAT, and Macel plin d.o.o. had the role of contractor and supplier of mechanical works and equipment. The use of compressed natural gas energy means significant financial savings, from […]

Successful completion of CNG station for the Slovenian partner

According to the order of the Slovenian partner, NRG trgovina in zastopanje, d.o.o., the assembly of the compressed natural gas station was completed and on February 22 2021. transported from the production hall of Macel plin d.o.o. on the final location in Ljubljana, Letališka cesta to installation by the end user Energetika Ljubljana d.o.o. The […]

The first CNG filling station without crew in Croatia

Macel plin d.o.o. has started works on the location in Slavonski Brod within the Contract signed with Brod plin related to the construction of the Compressed Natural Gas Filling Station, which will be the first in Croatia without crew with automatic payment (card payment). Today in Croatia there are three CNG stations built in recent […]

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