Alternative to natural gas

Synthetic gas supply station



The Synthetic Gas Supply Station is designed to mix evaporated liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with air in a precise ratio to achieve natural gas properties.

The GRIZO station offers consumers a fully independent supply of synthetic gas (SNG), an ideal substitute for natural gas (NG), thus avoiding the costly need to replace burners.

Main components


  • A complete option for alternative energy supply
  • Ideal replacement for NG
  • Complete independence and flexibility in gas supply
  • Significant savings on procurement and burner maintenance costs
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Maintenance requirements

  • Regular pipeline and equipment inspection
  • Annual preventive maintenance conducted by qualified personnel
  • Interventional maintenance that promptly addresses operational issues
  • Pressure equipment inspection ensures compliance with Regulation NN 75/20 for high-risk pressure equipment

Seamless transition to sustainable energy

Whether you’re looking to reduce operational costs, enhance energy independence, or contribute to environmental sustainability, GRIZO delivers.

Explore our comprehensive solution, featuring customizable storage tanks, advanced evaporators, precision mixers, and a robust compressor station—all supported by a dedicated boiler room.

A comprehensive solution for businesses seeking an alternative to traditional natural gas

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