The Final Commissioning of MRS Magadenovac Was Successfully Held at Site

Investor: PLINACRO d.o.o., Savska cesta 88A, 10 000 Zagreb

Subject of the Contract: Development, commissioning, and maintenance of standard container IAS 1 x 400 m4 / h, 50 bar (for locations Čađavica, Hampovica, Gola, and Molve selo) and standard container IAS 2 x 4000 m3 / h, 50 bar (for location Sirač)

Brought into operation: 29.10.2020.

Project location: Magadenovac, Municipality of Magadenovac, Osijek-Baranja County, Republic of Croatia

Supplied 2X4000 m3 / h measuring and reducing station Magadenovac kpl, pcs 1 with all associated equipment: pipe material, ball valves 2 “- 6”, filter heat exchangers, control equipment (regulator-monitor-block), flow meters and turbines, volume corrector, boiler room equipment. Fabrication, welding, testing of pipelines, and installation of measuring and reduction stations and boiler rooms.

MRS Magadenovac – pictures from the installation site


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