Underground Gas Storage Project in Grubišno Polje Reshapes Croatia’s Energy Landscape

The project for constructing the second underground gas storage in Grubišno Polje has been included in the list of strategic investment projects of the Republic of Croatia.

At Macel plin, we are proud to announce our integral role in implementing the Grubišno Polje underground gas storage project, which is reshaping Croatia’s energy narrative. 

On January 25th, Prime Minister Plenković inaugurated the gas station, concluding the first phase valued at 33 million euros and laying the groundwork for the project’s overall investment of approximately 70 million euros. The initiative marks a crucial moment in Croatia’s ongoing efforts to advance its infrastructure. 

We have successfully delivered the necessary materials and equipment, contributing significantly to the mechanical component of the first phase of the natural gas storage project for PSP Ltd. Our commitment to excellence in supplying crucial components underscores our dedication to the success of this ongoing project. 

Underground gas storage strategic investment

This comprehensive infrastructure includes a gas station for gas preparation, connecting pipelines to the transportation system, and a key connection point on the Plinacro main gas pipeline from Virovitica to Kutina.

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development recognized the Grubišno Polje gas storage project as a strategic investment. It significantly strengthens the overall flexibility and secures Croatia’s natural gas supply system. It is an energy facility of exceptional importance for ensuring natural gas supply security to consumers nationwide. This is especially important during the spring and autumn seasons, when substantial fluctuations in demand occur.

These periods pose challenges that the existing seasonal UGS Okoli (located near Velika Ludina in Sisak-Moslavina County) cannot adequately address.

With backing from EU funding, the project is positioning Croatia toward a future free of fossil fuels and securing energy independence. At Macel Plin, we take pride in participating in these significant transformations.

The collaboration with PSP Ltd. and other partners reflects our collective determination to advance Croatia’s energy infrastructure. Macel Plin remains committed to delivering high-quality solutions that contribute to the overall success of crucial projects like the Grubišno Polje underground gas storage.


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