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Type RPE is used for reheating gas supplying pressure reducing regulator pilots. Type RPE avoids the inconveniences caused by freezing which occur during large pressure drops. There are two versions of the Type RPE.


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Fisher Type S402Y direct-operated, spring loaded regulators provide economical pressure-reducing control in corrosive environments for residential and small commercial applications. Typically, the Type S402Y is used to reduce gas distribution pressures down to a range from 4.5-inches w. c. to 2.5 psig / 11 mbar to0,17 bar.


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Type Y692 gas blanketing regulator is a pressure reducing self-operated regulator with internal registration requiring no downstream control line. It is used for accurate pressure control on very low-pressure blanketing systems. The regulator will maintain a positive vessel pressure reducing the possibility of vessel wall collapse.


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Type Y693 is a direct-operated regulator used for accurate pressure control on low-pressure blanketing systems. This unit features a balanced valve plug which allows for accuracy classes equivalent to a pilot-operated regulator.


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Fisher Types 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR regulators provide economical and accurate pressure control in a wide variety of applications; natural gas distribution systems; fuel gas supply to industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, and mixers; and large commercial / industrial establishments such as shopping centers and schools. They are also used in plant air service and in liquid service


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Types 1301F and 1301G regulators are self-operated, high-pressure regulators, which can be used where high pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot supply pressure in pilot-operated regulators or as loading pressure in pressure-loaded regulators. Types 1301F and 1301G regulators can also be used in many other applications as high-pressure reducing regulators for various gases.


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Fisher Types 1808 globe-style and 1808A angle-style pilot-operated backpressure regulators or relief valves are economical, compact devices used in gas or liquid service to maintain pressure on oil and gas separators, and in pressure relief applications in gas distribution systems.


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Y600A Series regulators have a large diaphragm area that provides accurate control at low-pressure settings. Types Y600A and Y600AR come with a pitot tube providing greater capacity through a dynamic boost. Type Y600AM uses external registration with a 1/2 NPT downstream control line connection and an O-ring stem seal.


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REGAL 3 Series is a direct-operated, spring setpoint pressure regulator, used for supplying industries and commercial businesses. As a standard feature for outlet pressure settings inferior or equal to 180 mbar, a relief valve is provided. REGAL 3 Series is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68-UE and is classified in Category I.

Compressor overhaul for natural gas compression

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