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RP Series regulators are direct-operated with non-balanced trim. Normally they are fitted with a built-in filter. They are produced in the following versions: Types RP/011, RP/022, and RP/033. All models can be fitted with a shutoff valve. RP Series is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC and is classified in Max. Category I.


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971 Series regulators feature simple seat and counterbalanced valve. The top entry design allows to execute maintenance operations without disassembling the regulator from the line. They assure high accuracy of the regulated pressure even when the inlet pressure is extremely variable.971 Series is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC and is classified in Category III


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Type R/25 two-stage spring-loaded regulators are widely used in domestic installations. They feature reduced overall dimensions, regulation accuracy, easy setting and maximum efficiency of safety devices.


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Type RLC/20 regulators are pneumatic-loaded, single seated, with counterbalanced valve disc. They are normally employed in gas distributing stations for automotive use. They can also be employed in industrial installations using high pressure gas compressed in cylinders and cylinder-truck installations normally fed through the pipeline.


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Type RP/10 regulators are normally employed in regulating stations using high pressure gas compressed in cylinders.They can also be employed with middle pressure gas in ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical factories for small furnaces.Type RP/10 is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment DirectivePED 2014/68-UE and is classified in Category I.


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In monitor-regulator systems the booster valve V/31-2 is installed on the motorization pressure circuit, in order to obtain a more rapid action in monitor closing.


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Silencers are noise reduction system devices which are commonly installed in the regulator as a remedy for noise pollution.
Type SR Silencer is fitted near the regulator shutter and is highly efficient up to a theoretical speed of 80 m/s calculated at the outlet flange. Type SRS Silencer consists of a Type SR Silencer plus a widened outlet flange in which a second silencer is fitted. Type STL Silencer is specially developed to be introduced into T couplings of piping. While Type STP Silencer, is fitted in the pipe and is secured with two flanges.


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The automatic spring-loaded relief valves are designed to keep line pressure below preset values. They are mounted downstream of regulators and perform the specific function of releasing small amounts of gas in the event of the regulator not closing properly. V Series is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC and is classified in Max. Category I


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VFA Series butterfly valves are wafer flangeless type and are used typically in gas reducing stations for a on-off service.VFA Series butterfly valves,thanks to their particular construction features,have very low pressure losses and excellent seal.This series of butterfly valves is designed basically for transmission and distribution grids of the natural gas and for commercial/industrial use.


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Two-line reduction line on SKID with control switch, filtering, measuring and dialectical couplings

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