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Fisher 133 Series direct-operated regulators are ideal for industrial and commercial applications supplying gas to furnaces, burners, and other appliances. A balancing system enables the regulator to control gas pressure accurately for maximum combustion efficiency despite varying inlet pressures.


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1805 Series relief valves are designed for use in farm tap applications where a relief valve is needed between the first-stage and second-stage regulators.1805 Series relief valves are suitable for natural gas,air, propane, or any medium compatible with the internal valve parts.Relief pressures range from 5 to 125 psig / 0,34 to 8,6 bar. Maximum pressure, including buildup, is 150 psig / 10,3 bar


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Fisher 289 Series relief valves are spring-loaded throttling relief valves used as downstream pressure regulators to protect the system from overpressure. A smooth throttling action minimizes pressure surges in the system during relief operation.


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Fisher 299H Series pilot operated pressure reducing regulators provide controlled pressure and capacities for distribution, industrial and commercial applications with inlet pressures up to 175 psi/12.1 bar. 299HS with Type VSX2 and 299HV with Type VSX8 are used in applications where the gas supply must be shutoff.


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Fisher 61 Series pilots are used with Types 1098-EGR and EZL regulators, and their counterparts are used with 99 Series regulators and are available in a variety of styles – low pressure (L), low pressure and wide proportional band (LE), low pressure and narrow proportional band (LD), high pressure (H), and extra-high pressure (HP).


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Fisher 627 Series direct-operated pressure reducing regulators are for low and high-pressure systems. These regulators can be used with natural gas, air or a variety of other gases. Performance characteristics vary according to construction.

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